MECHA Ritz series

  MECHA Ritz series is the Shmup game made by Yuki Shouhei.

The classical style of bullet shooting and pop electronic sound are much interesting for players.

  First "MECHA Ritz" was released as a free game in Feb. 2015.

There were lot of fans hoped MECHA Ritz upgraded and finally 

"MECHA Ritz Steel Rondo" was released on Steam in May 2016. 

  Using 12 types of MECHA you survive in 6 stages with fantastic SHOUHEI-MUSIC, and colorful bullets and funny boss characters. 

  English and Japanese are available in Steel Rondo. Enjoy it together.

  Steam store :


MECHA Ritz Steel Rondo Playthrough

MECHA Ritz Steel Rondo Official Trailer

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