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Momoiro Underground

 Momoiro Underground called MOGURA is the vertical 2D STG made by Yuki Shouhei ( same producer as MECHA Ritz seriese ). The official website is 

 As first, the crowdfunding was held on d

September 2016 project team got 2,286,000 yen from 257 supporters. February 2017 the products are delivered to supporters as a return of crowdfunding.

 The topic is music of this game. Motoaki Furukawa joined to this project and made some of music of this game. There were many his fan in supporters joined to the crowdfunding. Of course I supported the project as supporter. After got the products, I made the video of my playthrough.  

After I played this game, I knew 

that there were no guides of this 

game in English and other 

languages except for Japanese.

So I tried to make subtitles 

written in English. 

 I wrote about the comments about MOGURA in my blog in Japanese. In this game we can enjoy 21 routes that is combination of 20 stages. In each stage huge ships of boss are waiting for us. Players enjoy all characterstic music of the stages.

 Our ship named pinky salt has 4 direction weapons. We can create various number of patterns using 4 type weapons. So enemies come from all direction and bosses moves widely up and down, players have to move and use weapons freely in each cases. Variety of patterns of move ship or use weapons is the strong point of MOGURA.

 Okini system is something like a mobile shop of tools. From Okini we can get many items and build up power of weapon or strength of the ship. This shopping system is also characteristic and funny. Shoot enemies or growing plants in the stages using water type weapon we can earn money and get items from Okini.

 There are many cute or cool characters in the world of underground. The illustrator Tamaita created number of bosses look like monster or animals. He (or she?) uploads some pictures and stories of this game on twitter. But in MOGURA there are not enough chance to enjoy stories of underground. Though sentences about story appears just before bosses come up, it's too hard to read them playing shooting game. 

 On the website of Akiba Hobby we can order this game in English but some players outside Japan said its so difficult to access the website and complete the order because he had to fill a form in Japanese in the order. 

 Musics, systems, graphics and stories of MOGURA are so fantastic that I enjoyed and loved them. But it was a pity that people outside Japan cannot get this game easily and there was no guide of this game in English. I hoped this game to be released on Steam and translated to another languages. Afterward my hope will be come true as "DEZATOPIA".

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